A Risky But Powerful Method for Developing Self-Discipline

If there is one thing you can do to change your life for the better, it’s becoming more disciplined. The term “discipline” often has a negative connotation. Being disciplined by someone usually means we are being forced to do something that we don’t want to do. Now because of the negative association that many people attach to this word, self-discipline can be seen as almost confining one’s freedom.

The reality is, people who are against self-discipline are just lazy. Whatever life you want to experience, whatever it is you want to do, have, or be, it’s all possible if you can get yourself to take the actions necessary to make all of those things come true.

And here lies the challenge for most people: Most people simply can’t get themselves to consistently take action.

Anyone can take action when they’re motivated but it takes more than being in the right mood to achieve the lifestyle you’re hoping to obtain. In order to get yourself to take action even when doing so is the last thing you want to do, what you will need is self-discipline. It’s basically a promise you make to yourself, one that says, “I will do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.”

Of course, this is much easier said than done. With constant distractions and mood swings, being self-disciplined can be quite tough especially if there are no immediate and negative consequences for not doing what you’re supposed to do. So what can you do to strengthen your discipline?

Ultimate Self-Discipline Training Method

Just a warning… the method you’re about to read has both the possibility of making you into an action taking machine and making you even lazier than you are right now. In other words, if this works for you, your dreams becoming a reality is just a matter of time but if it doesn’t, you might find even more difficult to achieve your dreams than before. You’ve been warned.

So here’s the method.

Imagine your level of discipline as a muscle. In order to make it stronger, resistance must come into play. The higher your level of discipline, the more you can resist the things that normally causes you to not take action.

What does this mean? Simply put, you must train and test your self-discipline by purposely subjecting yourself to the very things that normally cause you to procrastinate. Whatever those things that will lead to procrastination are will be different for each person.

Here Are Some Examples

  • Watching one 30 minute show on TV causes you to end up watching 4 hours of TV.
  • Watching one video on Youtube somehow turns into 20.
  • Eating one piece of cake causes you to eat half or all of it.
  • Surfing the web for just 5 minutes causes you to spend at least an hour on the internet.
  • Hitting the snooze button once will usually mean you’ll end up hitting it 5 more times.
  • Doing anything before you actually start studying causes you to waste hours and not study at all.
  • Playing one game/round/match leads to hours of play.
  • Checking your email/social media sites “really quick” ends up being “really long”.
  • Lying down to “rest your eyes” for a few minutes turns into a 2 hour nap.

The usual advice would be to avoid the things that causes you to procrastinate. That’s actually good advice but our goal here is to take a step into the danger zone and tempt ourselves in order to strengthen our self-discipline.

This is NOT going to be easy. If this was easy, none of us would even have an issue with taking action.

What To Do

1. Choose a few of the things that usually causes you to not do what you’re supposed to do.

2. Do those things BUT set a short time limit or if it’s something like eating junk food, have a specific portion such as 1 bite.

That’s basically it. Self-discipline isn’t about not wanting to procrastinate or not wanting to put off taking action but about giving yourself limits and actually abiding to those limits.

You’ll know you’ve mastered self-discipline when you can indulge in your favorite time wasting activities and stop at a drop of a hat the second you decide it’s time to work on your goals.

THIS is how you discipline yourself without feeling like you’re taking your own freedom away. It’s about moderation, knowing when to stop, and actually getting yourself to stop.

Of course, for this method to actually strengthen your discipline muscles, you must actually stop procrastinating at the moment you’re supposed to stop, otherwise, you’ll just end up procrastinating even more since now you’re giving yourself permission to do so. Do you understand why this method can be both powerful and risky? It’s possible for some people to fall back into bad habits due to using this method.

Here’s a helpful tip:

Start off with things that are easy for you to resist and gradually move up to more difficult things.

What This Can Do For You

Assuming this method works for you, you’ll be more in control of your actions which will mean you will be more in control of your destiny. The process of goal achievement is quite simple: Know what you want, figure out what needs to be done, and do what needs to be done.

If you can become the type of person who gets things done regardless of your level of motivation, given enough time, there’s really no telling what sort of life you can create for yourself.

Not only will you get better results in your life, you’ll also be spending your precious time more efficiently and by doing so, you’ll actually end up having more time to do things that you actually want to do without feeling guilty about it since the things you were supposed to get done will have already been done. Watch hours of TV if you want to but do what needs to be done in order to achieve the life you’re after first.

Upping your level of discipline can truly be a life changer for you. You don’t necessarily have to use the method described in this post, it’s just one method. Do whatever works for you but the important thing is to do it.

Don’t wait until you’re much older to figure out how short this life is. Whatever it is you want to create and experience in your lifetime, DO IT NOW!


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