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Acrostic Poem For When you are away

Weak, I am sOured By absEnces of you: I feel 
Happy Times Fade, Empty As you go. Your painful 
ExpensIve abSence CoalesCes love to ill 
Nasty Blue mOods. As I sHudder, I wait, hopeful: 
Your rEturn RestitUtes sWiftly my happiness. 
Only aChing RaucouSly, mOnotonousness 
UnwelcOmely OccludEs appReciativeness of 
All I Might Want: You adD to life sweetness and love. 
ReawakEn my InnermOst idYllic feeling, 
ExorciSe my NauseoUs atrOphy... come here 
And chAnge fAbulouSly blUesy sorrow with cheer. 
Wandy Dream Woven Waltz Sacredly healing, 
AuroreAn dreAmy crAzed mAgical delight, 
You flY me bY the YellowY sun, feeling right. 
When you are away, 
it becomes a day 
of sorrow in a way 
because you sway 
each word you say.