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Acrostic Poem For When you are here

When cLass Meets StarlIght, You appear and shine quite bright 
HypnotIcallY, a fOrtuiTous fOrce, melting, 
Eases Kind Love fIres In my Unending delight... 
Newly EnergIzed, SacroSanct Awe is soothing: 
You beAm soFtly cOmfy Quasi Religious bliss... 
Oddly PleasEd, I Fly oUt in Extreme happiness... 
Up, boUnd bY sweeT magIc to Vanish with raptness 
And poP in Orbit Love ThrustEd, I crave your kiss. 
Rise uP, roUsing YearnEd adoRation, lift and shake 
EssencE. A SeismiC GraCe... You gently melt and bake. 
Hot hoT! WiTh dasHing Love, Driving crazy, passion 
EngravEs deEp lifE sweEping Emotions I treasure 
RepeatEdly ExtremEly hAppy. Affection 
EmpoweRs a Real cRazy Rapt gRowth of pleasure. 
When you are here
like a puppetteer
my life you steer
so I softly cheer
it is quite clear
you are very dear