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Acrostic Poem For Your fairness

I peAk, FierilY joyOus. Cozy Joy boMbarDs my soul 
CuteLy, As if Our sUnligHt coUld chArm At will, take control. 
HarmOny In an UtmosT greAtnesS flooDs, Zests gracefulness... 
ExalTs. RainmaKer, Do irRadiaTe ampLy, Zap sadness! 
RitzY, uNcommoN, swEet, My liGht, mY deLight, you amaze. 
In yOu bEams lOve; It's You bLiss, You Eden, you always. 
SensUal SeismiC swiFt adOratiOn bloOms Mirthfully. 
HilaRiouS, so Kind You rUle, With cUtenEss, you sway gently 
I cherish a lot your fairness, you knock out, deify charm you just glow madly, you dazzle me, I like you