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Acrostic Poem For Your smell

Your smelL smiteS like a delighTful perfuMe and your 
Odor drivEs sorcErouslY mad... Endless, mY pure 
Untamed fAith beNds slOwly my wAys. DeepeR, a cure 
Roasts loVably, SkillfUl, joyouS... DivinE, passion 
Solders dElight EndlesSly. BoilIng, I gleAm. Sure 
My world SweetenS... cHoice HymN of marveL, sensation 
Eden, treAsured MagnetIsm, you Grow your Insane 
Loony jolLy spirAl of Fun with Love. SwifTly, 
Lightly, LauncheD to sTellar joY... I buoY up freely. 
Your smell leaves all senses mad. you shift teasingly my reality