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Acrostic Poem For Your touch

Your Touch Makes mE shiveR within delightfully. 
OverjOyed, I am trAnsportEd to Heaven sweetly. 
Up, sPiraliNg, my Senses AchievE ecstasy. 
ReshaPed, iDeas swIrl... Lava dAnces with my soul, 
ThrilLs me SonfgulLy. GriLling Virally, a sea 
Of trEmors Flows. You buoY me gEntly. A cool 
UnceaSing fLame geYsers mAdly iN me throughout. 
CondeMned tO overlOad intRicateLy, I shout. 
HooraY! GloWing, bUrning EagerlY, I am gone. 
Your touch topples my mind's flow easily. You really are heavenly