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Acrostic Poem For Tolerance

To livE in a Better IntegrAtion leads to peace. 
Out anXiety, Refuse ScandaLous hate, cease 
LoathsOme absUrdity MongreLizing our minds. 
EmpoweR, inviTe to cOhabitAtion. Let 
RadianCe reveAl the DoominG caused by the blinds 
AffectIng feeLings. EdulcoRate and reset 
Norms Zoning InhumanLy humAnity; All 
Can blEnd. WiTh a liTtle wIll, we have a way to 
EqualiSe in sYnc, stOnewalL intolerance too. 
tolerance exorcizes brutality, is model to all, a grail 
Diagonally: to all... amaze