How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

This might not be an easy question to answer but take the time to think about it and see if you can come up with an answer anyway.

This might be hard for some people but try to imagine your own funeral. Imagine what you’d want to be said about you during your eulogy. What sort of person do you want to be praised as? What contributions do you want to leave behind? How do you want to affect people’s lives?

The reason to ask yourself this question is to get you to think about what sort of life you want to live and what kind of person you want to become. Every decision you make will, in some way, effect how your life will turn out. In other words, how your life will turn out is mainly up to you.

Very few of us wants to be the person who is remembered as the one who didn’t really do much with their life. You only have one chance to make this life whatever you want it to be.

If you want to leave this world a better place, start with positively affecting the lives of people around you. Be a giver. Be an inspiration. Give encouragement and support to those in need. Be kind. These little things will add up over time, causing a ripple effect that can pulsate around the entire world.

You stand a much better chance of leaving behind a legacy by putting yourself out there, by trying new things, but facing your fears, by standing up for your beliefs, and by not wasting the precious, limited time that you have. Try to make each day count because who knows who’s counting on you to do so. Your actions can inspire someone, change a life for the better, or simply put a smile on someone’s face.

The day your loved ones will look back on your life with tears in their eyes will eventually come. Give them plenty of happy moments to reflect upon. Make them feel proud and honored to have had you in their life.


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