Motivational Speeches From Various People

Reading quotes is great but listening to motivational speeches can be much more powerful. Add in some music and you have a powerful tool to help motivate yourself to follow through on things that will take you to your goals. Not all of these will use music but the words of the speakers are strong enough to help move you into action. More speeches will be added over time so bookmark this page and check back every now and then for more.

Rocky Balboa

During one of the best scenes of the entire Rocky series, Rocky gives his son some words of wisdom and at the same time, inspires the audience to shoot for more, to get up, to try again, and to not give up.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ story of success is quite well-known. Here’s a speech he did at Stanford University where he talks about pursuing your dreams.

Eric Thomas

You may or may not have heard of Eric Thomas but after watching this video where he speaks to a group of students, you’ll be motivated to do more with your life.

Nick Vujicic

Nick’s daily life is filled with more challenges than most people deal with on their worst day. Born without limbs, it would’ve been understandable if he surrendered and lived a life of limitations. Instead, he decided to make life wonderful and not use his disabilities as an excuse to not pursue the life of his dreams.

I Am A Champion

For the athletes out there, here’s a video of the “I am a champion” speech/creed.


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