Change Your Limiting Story

Many people have these stories they keep telling themselves and to others, reason as to why they can or can’t do something. Whether you were born into poverty, abused as a child, was unfairly treated by life, failed at too many things, too short, too fat, not smart enough, too old, or anything else you feel gives you a disadvantage, if you use these things as reasons to not even try to reach your full potential, not many people will blame you.

You have every right to feel sorry for yourself or to complain about the unfairness of life. After all, you don’t get to choose the hand you’re dealt. You didn’t get to choose who your parents are or what neighborhood you grew up in. There are tons of external circumstances that happen to you without your approval and will continue to happen to you whether you like it or not.

All of these things are valid reasons to just merely exist, to live out your days as another face in the crowd, to live a life that’s just okay. If this is what you choose to do, then you’re not alone. There are plenty of people who use their story as an excuse to stay where they are, to continue living the life their circumstances built for them and most people don’t look down on them for it because given the same circumstances, most people would probably react the same way… they would just accept their life as it is.

Existing Isn’t Living

It’s a good thing you’re not like most people or you wouldn’t be reading articles like this. You wouldn’t be actively seeking ways to improve your life. You seek change, you seek control of your destiny, you seek a better life.

Perhaps what’s stopping you then, is the story you keep telling yourself, the story about why you’ll never succeed. Your old, worn out story may have served you in some way but now’s the time to write another story. Your circumstances might not have been within your control, but your decisions about what to do about them, is.

If you want to prosper, to be happy, to experience a life you’re excited about, then destroy that useless story you’ve been carrying around with you. The past is in the past, it’s done and over with. What lies in the future is determined by what you do starting from today.

People have come from terrible childhood experiences, from disadvantages and hardships that would cause most people to lose all hope of a better life. Yet, even with some of the best reasons to just give up, they somehow found a way to push on, to not only exist, but to live.

How did they do it? They simply refused to use their shortcomings and circumstances as the climax of their story. Instead, they chose to leave that for the part where they turn their life around, where they defy the odds and become the hero their story needed.

The best stories are usually ones where the main character overcomes some hardships, not ones where they just willingly accept what life gives them. Those stories are reserved for the background people, the extras.

This is your story and you’re the protagonist. Don’t ever let life’s circumstances make you believe you’re anything less. Perhaps your past failures and struggles are just what was needed in order to mold you into the kind of person who can overcome anything that stands in his/her way.

It’s time to change your story, not what has already happened but what’s going to happen. Your future is yet to be written. Your story hasn’t yet come to an end, in fact, it’s just beginning. There’s still time to turn a would-be tragic story into an awesome, inspiring one.

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