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Meant as a tribute to women, love and poetry, this site contains over 700 acrostics in english and in French. The more interesting poems being Acrostic Crosswords, a hybrid between acrostics and crosswords.

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    Classics are classic poems by Known Authors 
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  • A light exists in spring Emily Dickinson
  • Eldorado Edgar Allan Poe
  • Greece Oscar Wilde
  • How do I love thee Elizabeth Barett Browning
  • Humpty Dumpty's song
  • I am John Clare
  • If Rudyard Kipling
  • Kubla Khan Coleridge
  • Love's secret William Blake
  • Nothing gold can stay Robert Frost
  • Roses and Rue Oscar Wilde
  • She walks in beauty Lord Byron
  • The human seasons John Keats
  • The progress of spring Lord Tennyson
  • The river of life Thomas Campbell
  • The road not taken Robert Frost
  • To sleep John Keats
  • If and only if