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Meant as a tribute to women, love and poetry, this site contains over 700 acrostics in english and in French. The more interesting poems being Acrostic Crosswords, a hybrid between acrostics and crosswords.

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Acrostic Poem For A light exists in spring - Emily Dickinson

A Light exists in Spring 
Not present on the Year 
At any other period -- 
When March is scarcely here 
A Color stands abroad 
On Solitary Fields 
That Science cannot overtake 
But Human Nature feels. 
It waits upon the Lawn, 
It shows the furthest Tree 
Upon the furthest Slope you know 
It almost speaks to you. 
Then as Horizons step 
Or Noons report away 
Without the Formula of sound 
It passes and we stay -- 
A quality of loss 
Affecting our Content 
As Trade had suddenly encroached 
Upon a Sacrament.