Great Accomplishments Start Off As Small Steps

Have you ever let the size of a goal stop you from even attempting to achieve it? How about being motivated by the overall goal but when you looked at how much work or how long it would take, your drive quickly faded away?

Far too many people have dismissed their dreams due to being overwhelmed at the task at hand. They forgot that every skill and knowledge they have right now, was learned.

From when you were a baby, you observed the world around you and started imitating what you saw. Mouthing your first word, daring to stand up and take that first step, the skills you acquired often took months or years to get down but eventually, with some perseverance, you did it.

So what happened? How did most people go from never giving up to not even trying? As we grow older, we experience many instances of this thing called failure. We learn to associate failure to pain, something we will desperately try to avoid our entire lives.

It was the lack of fear of failure that made attempting things as kids so easy. If something didn’t work, we’d just try again. The older we get, however, the more we realize time is against us and that we don’t have time to keep trying over and over again.

What many people do then, is to shoot for smaller dreams, something that can be accomplished relatively easy and quickly, low risk. The “dream” might not be all that exciting to them but it’s better than doing nothing. Although, if you don’t go for what you really want in life, you might end up filled with regret. Why go for good enough when you can go for great?

Realize that big dreams will take big effort and lots of time and that’s okay. No matter how big your dream is, you can only do so much toward its attainment per day. You can certainly get a lot done in a day but only so much done in an hour. You can get some things done but only so much in 15 minutes.

If the thought of all of the things you have to do to obtain your goal overwhelms you, stop looking at the big picture and start focusing on what you can do for the next 15 minutes that will bring you a tiny bit closer to your goal.

You see, to get to a year, you have to go through a month, a week, a day, an hour, a minute. That year which might seem far away is just an accumulation of lots of a lots of minutes. Thinking about all you have to do within a year can deflate your drive but thinking about the one or two things you have to do over the next 15 minutes, that’s manageable.

In other words, all great journeys start with a single step. The top of the mountain might look really far away but if you focus on just getting to that next rock, it’ll make taking that next step easier and before you know it, you’ll look up and realize how close you are or look back and realize how far you’ve gone.

Don’t let the time it’ll take you to accomplish a goal discourage you from starting either. If it’s something you really want, just go for it. The time will pass whether you do or not so you might as well make the most of your limited time.

To sum it all up, no matter how big the dream, only so much can be done within the next 15 minutes. Focus on what you can do right now instead of being overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done and end up not getting anything done at all.


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