If Having a Can-Do Attitude Isn’t Working, Try This

Many positive thinking type books will tell you to have a “can-do” attitude. Whatever your goal or dream is, you have to believe you have what it takes to accomplish it. You have to tell yourself that you can live your dreams and that nothing will stop you. As long as you believe in yourself, the things you want in life will eventually come to you.

So what happens if you’ve had a positive attitude about your goals and you still fail over and over again? Some will say to keep trying and keep thinking positive. This might work, sure, but how many failures will it take until you stop believing in what you’re telling yourself. At what point does saying, “I can do this” becomes meaningless because you just know it’s a lie based on your past results?

It’s often hard to believe that something will happen when the only thing you’ve experienced is the exact opposite. For many people, the second they set a goal and announce they can do it, a voice in the back of their mind says, “No, you can’t and here’s the proof.” In an instant, their mind replays a bunch of instances where they failed at achieving a goal. They then start to think, “I’ve failed so many times. What makes me think this time is going to be any different?”

A Different Spin

Having a can-do attitude is great if it’s been working for you. The more success you have to back up your belief in yourself, the better having the right attitude will work. However, when you have way more failures than successes, it’s often hard to find any proof that you can indeed accomplish your goals. If you’ve never succeeded at anything big in the past, who are you to suddenly change that and become a huge success?

Here’s something you can try. Instead of telling yourself, “I can do this” and not really believe your own words, try saying, “It’s possible.”

When you say something is possible, it takes out the assumption that you will succeed. The results haven’t been decided yet and it’s still up to you and what you do on a daily basis.

See, many people set a goal and say they can do it and then end up not putting in the action necessary to achieve that goal. One of the reasons this happens is because deep down, they really don’t believe they can do it. By saying something is possible, it means the results are yet to be determined. You may succeed but you may also fail.

It’s Possible

Regardless of any past failures, as long as you know it’s possible, achieving your goals will be within your reach. Just by believing it’s possible will help you take the necessary steps to increase your chances of hitting your target. You may currently not have the know-how or information necessary to achieve your goal but knowing that it’s possible for you to achieve your desired outcome, taking action becomes easier compared to saying you can do something but deep down knowing you’re just lying to yourself.

Can you go from broke to making a good income within a year? Who knows, but it’s possible. Can you become a published author in 6 months? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s possible.

The point is anything that doesn’t break any laws of physics is possible for you to achieve. You might not currently have the necessary skills to pull it off right now but it’s possible to develop those skills over time. You might not have the motivation to put in the necessary work this moment but a year from now, it’s possible for you to become a completely different person, someone who gets things done.

Almost any goal you can set for yourself is possible to achieve but that doesn’t mean you can achieve it, at least not right now. Each and every day, you will have an opportunity to increase or decrease the possibility of your goal being reached by how you choose to use your time.

You can look at all of your goals in terms of probability. The more action you take in order to make progress toward your goals, the higher the probability of you obtaining it. That’s really what goal achievement comes down to. Each day, either you’ll get closer to your goal or further away; either your success will become more possible or less possible.

Staying Focused

In order to stay focused on increasing the possibility of success, ask yourself this simple question throughout the day: Is what I’m doing right now taking me closer to my goal or further away.

Your dream life is possible but only if you take the necessary steps. If you do, your chances will improve. If you don’t, it won’t happen. It’s that simple.


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