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Meant as a tribute to women, love and poetry, this site contains over 700 acrostics in english and in French. The more interesting poems being Acrostic Crosswords, a hybrid between acrostics and crosswords.

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Acrostic Poem For Our connection

Our connection is deeper than words and 
Understanding. Neither visible nor bland, 
Really delightful, our bond is like some 
Crazy telepathic link with awesome 
Off the charts sweetness. I feel what you think; 
No need for words, signs, rehearsals or ink... 
No need even for any single thing! 
Every time you think of something, 
Connected, I just can perceive somehow 
The gist of it... though I do not know how. 
I just love this magic bond. Together 
Or even far away from another, 
Nurtured by love, we remain united.