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Meant as a tribute to women, love and poetry, this site contains over 700 acrostics in english and in French. The more interesting poems being Acrostic Crosswords, a hybrid between acrostics and crosswords.

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Acrostic Poem For Martha

Magnetized, GentleD blesSedly By graCe, Ornate 
AlchemY shorEs a rIch imPactfuL typhOon whirl. 
ReconnOiteriNg my Vive dIsturbIng buZz state, 
ThankfUl, beTter, I cheeR... iN my mInd, sweet thoughts twirl. 
Hot fiRe filLs... NarcotIzing DrivelLing passion 
Attracts; chEckmatE! FasT pleaSing, You feed addiction. 
Martha, your gentle divine spirit blinds cozily