The Nonsense of Waiting

Right now is the youngest you’re ever going to be again. Let that sink in for a minute.

If there are things you want to do with your life and you’re not actively doing something to get you closer to doing those things each and every day, then what are you waiting for? Why do so many people wait for things to happen or wait when the pieces of life falls perfectly into place before they get seriously about creating the life they want?

Waiting is nonsense and ridiculous. Waiting assumes you have plenty of time left. How do you know how much time you have left? Unless you have some type of terminal illness, you don’t, none of us do.

People tend to jump into action when they’re running low on time, like the college student waiting until the night before a paper is due to start on it or the millions of people who wait until the final week before doing their taxes.

With life, it’s a bit different because there’s no exact deadline so we tend to stroll along without a sense of urgency. When the next pay day seems so far away, the end of one’s life can seem like eternity.

The cure to “waiting” is urgency. When you got to get things down now, you don’t wait. So how do you create urgency when it’s not there naturally?

One way is to set deadlines on your goals and the things you want to do in your lifetime. By doing this, you can see how much progress is needed by when.

Experience the death of a loved one often spurs people into action and makes them cherish their time more as well as making the fact that their time is very limited very real. You could talk to people who have a terminal illness or people of old age, find out their dreams, their regrets, their thoughts on life. You may find some inspiration in what you hear, or not but if it helps create a sense of urgency in you, it’ll be worth it.

Distractions. These are the things that suck out so much of our already dwindling amount of time. Anyone can set goals and even come up with a good plan but few can maintain their focus with so many things to side track them. The TV, the internet, relationship drama, something bad happening in the news, and so on.

To keep your focus, get your priorities straight. Spending time on activities that don’t further your progress is fine IF you’ve already done what you were supposed to do toward reaching your goal for the day. Keep first things first. Discipline yourself to do what’s necessary before you engage in the unnecessary. We all need some fun time because all work and no play can make you go mad.

The bottom line is whatever life you want to live, whatever experiences you want to experience, start now. Live as if you’ve got far less time than you think because it could be true. You might live way longer than you expect but just in case, don’t wait to really start living, start living today.


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